Ingin jadi wartawan, nyasar jadi guru

The Journey

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I was empty passing through the footpath

Neither torch was spout of flame I saw

The road was wide open but my heart was narrow

Nor there was tenacious root to hang onto

Was it a sad story?

When a noticeably strong man was weak inside

Since he did not know what he was searching for

Pride, dignity, glory

Wealth, intelligence

Sometime those were nothing than empty boxes


Poets said that love is sweet torment

But there was time that love only brought bitterness

Sometime even it was very cruel


But you do have to always believe in love

And also believe in destiny

This life has its own medicine

You will never know sometime when your love for live was running dry

Someone came and pour herself to you


The pouring worth million of torches

And gave me unprecedented strength

It was like two separated doves flying thousand miles

They were heading into their love one

They believed they would do so


So strong and sweet

Until I finally could say

There was a shade tree in cliffs of a river

It leaf crown would guide you along the streamside

From that day until the end of time


Groningen, 4 February 2013, 22.14 CET

Author: Rully Cahyono

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