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A Love Letter

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I wrote this letter
while drizzle was hailing like a magical tambourine
and the rain was whispering
moaning and whispering
Dear, my girl
I loved you!

I wrote this letter
while the sky was crying
and two ducks were making love in the pond
like two naughty brats
lovely and sweet
swaying their tails
and trembling their feathers
Dear, my girl
I proposed you to be my wife!

The sharp rainy sky horizon
was pointing its edge to the earth
the tenacious love horizon
resembling shiny heavy metal
directing forward
and could not be pushed away

A dozen of angels
had completely arrived
while the drizzle was hailing
in front of our windows
they were making up and cleaning their hairs
preparing to the party

Dear, my girl
with a pretentious wedding gown
a lei and a sacred sword
I wanted to escort you to the altar
to get married

I was proposing to you
You knew from the very beginning
no one worse
and no one better
from others
a poet from parlance circumstances
men who begin from words
words which begin from live, thought and feeling

A tenacious spirit of living
resembled million of tiny needles
sticking skin of skies
and so the drizzle was hailing
wind and love
whispering in the drizzle
my slouch love spirit
like thousand of magical hands
spreading thousand of seine
ambushing your heart
which always smiles to mine

Bandung, February 2012

Author: Rully Cahyono

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